Friday, July 30, 2010

feel like now is like HELL!

im not in the mood
xder mood nk balik umh
yup!a lot!
tpi skrg diam kn jer..
hnyer berkngsi dgn adik2 jer..
especially my sis 'nana'
i love mak
i love abah
i love both of u...
we all just want our family like before
why this is happen??
so...better stay in MY COLLEGE
because when i back home
i feel like incomfortable
but really in my heart
i miss abah
i miss mak
i miss nana
i miss akim
i miss adik
n i miss my little super duper bro daus!

miss all of u!

i hope everything will be fine
n im always pray for OUR HAPPINESS


spAn_kUrAk said...

asal wada? ade prob kt umh ke?

...chu-are... said...