Sunday, October 16, 2011

bestie ker ?

now i`m realize... its that fair for me who call u my bestie but at the same time i dont think u make me feel like that . u know how much i love you ? because for me if u are my bestie, whole my loves, my cares only for you . until today, sometimes i`m just remember you because i`m very sad to you . do you know why ? because i think u r never hapy be friends with me, u never cares to me, u never remember me eventhough for a while . And what i`m always think .. i`m very dumb person because i`m just "gedix" for the titles that doesnt make u appreciate about it . its that true for you ? in my deep heart, i`m really hurt . serious . u r the person who cant detect all the pieces thing about feelings but u can think about that right ? u r the person who can make me smile if i`m crying . u r the only person who makes me angry with u but for the short time . but i think, to be like this is more hurt than waiting for ur action . i dont know what to do now . i know, i cant let go you from my life because u r my bestie ! but why u never appreciate it . do whatever u want to do .
eventhough only me call u r my bestie but i hope u never shame about that title . *silent is better right . im doing that right now .

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