Sunday, November 13, 2011

i`m not the PERFECT girl.

sometimes im really want to be a child .
because ?
i dont have 'matured' HEART .
always be like children can make me always smiles :)
but ..
sometimes when it becomes about love ?
im the child who always crying and always crying
to be lover and to be love is not the same 'JOB'

im the one who love someone and always love him
but everything happen in our life is not our JOB
but .. HIS job .

LOVE is hard but easy to make .
Fall in LOVE is EASY but HARD to leave .

EASY and HARD in LOVE something u have to accept.

the SINCERE love you can find and you can feel .
but . in the ENVIRONMENT of LOVE ?
Do you really ready for all the situation ?

serious, fall in love with you is not the easy one
im always crying because of you
im always hurt because of you
im always smile because of you

HURT is always more than SMILE
but the SMILE you give to me is the best cure for HURT
so,what to do ?

HOPE to be the SINCERE MEANING to you .