Monday, November 14, 2011

to you bestie.

he is my bestie.
but i think only me call that .
why ?
i dont think he always care about me
and i dont think he always think about me .

can we call bestie if he regret to show it ?
hurm, honestly im very disappointed T_T
until today, i dont contact him
why? because i think i like'terhegeh-hegeh'
if he remember me...
if he feel im his bestie...
i think he must find me..
but today ?
nothing happen .

to you ..
you know, when im lost my spirit ,
u make me wake up again .
when im lost my smile,
u always make me remake my smile .
you are the one who can make me smile and happy .
not because urself, but the meaning of you to me.

now, i make myself to far and far from you.
i think this is the best for me and you .
take care bestie .
hope u find what do u want in ur life.
big smile :)))

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